Writing stuff has been happening but not always on this blog. I will update on other upcoming events soon, but the topmost writerly thing on my mind is The Butter where my essay, “A Woman Like Water,” went live this past Thursday. Check it out!

My office is only a few blocks from the Art Institute, so I joined as a member. When I don’t want to sit at the office lunch table (which is albeit, a rare occasion–our office lunch table is a lively and engaging place to be), I walk over to the AI and explore a new wing. Lunch is a very short time to ponder The Greats so I have to use my time wisely. There are many pieces that I know are great, but they don’t make me feel anything. For me, as an untrained aesthetician–that’s what I want from an Art Museum–to feel something. I think it is not an easy task for an artist–to pull me from my lunchtime egotism and make me feel something. When I see a painting or a tiny scroll or a terrifying mask and I am swept away–I know it must be great.

“A Woman Like Water,” got a lot of flattery in the comment section and enthusiasm from my facebook world. I am very proud of this essay. If an essay is an attempt at a truth, this essay felt like it found the right note to hit.  I think (hope) the praise is a result of readers reading this essay and feeling something. That’s what I want when I send my writing out into the world.