Here’s the important writing news: Hobart published  “Obsoloete People” and it looks just beautiful on their website. I’m very grateful to Jac Jemc and the whole Hobart staff for making my essay look it’s best. Take a moment and read it, friends. It’s a quick, refreshing summer essay.


Tara Wray’s Photo is so beautiful too!

 I’ve been gobbling up some great, full length books by Chicago authors including Kathleen Rooney’s O’ Democracy!, Sarah Carson’s Poems in Which You Die, and Christine Sneed’s Little Known Facts. Next up: Peggy Shinner’s You Feel So Mortal to MeI know, all these writers in one city, it must be something in Lake Michigan.

lake michigan


I want to be a person who loves the winter as much as I love the summer, but–at least for this month–I’m failing. There’s just more day light and more day light means more awake time, more out of doors time and more reading time. I’ve even picked up a new, long-term, low-stakes project: State Photo Motto.  I’ve been lucky enough to check three states off my list already. Winter 2014 has a heck of a lot to live up to.