Just as April showers bring May flowers, a winter of persistent essay submissions is bound to sprout some spring publications. This week, check out my essay “Compass Rose: The distance between a map and the planet” in Defunct magazine.  Defunct is a publication entirely dedicated to essays about the obsolete. Did you know that I just wrote a master’s thesis focused on obsolescence? The idea felt more original than writing a coming of age memoir, but apparently there are enough writers out there waxing nostalgic about old things to fill this lovely online journal. All the pieces in this issue are delightful, the other contributors are very impressive, and I am honored to be counted among them.

credit to Defunct Magazine for artwork

Also: a note about 30 Days of Biking. I did it! I pledged–on an online form that did not ask for money, a signature, or access to any of the things I “liked” on facebook–that I would ride my bike once a day every day of April. It’s a pretty simple concept and I could have completed my commitment by simply coasting to the end of my block and back each day. It’s true that somedays I didn’t go far, but any day that I could bike to work, I did. By committing to bike, I pushed myself to say yes any chance I had and as a result, I logged tons of miles. By May, I was so practiced that biking the 9 miles downtown (even on a gray and rainy May 1st) seemed like no big deal. It’s a commitment with little take and a whole lot of give.


Writing every day can be just as simple and rewarding. Sitting down at the desk can be daunting, sending out work is heart wrenching, but with practice it becomes easier and more rewarding. Here’s to May, and 31 (more) days of writing!