This week it was both above ten degrees and not snowing–a rarity in Chicago this winter. It helps me believe that spring will indeed arrive before summer returns to make my eyebrows sweat. I’m not tough enough to ride my bike through Chiberia, but my essay in Bicycle Times #27 is on shelves now. 


“My Bike Needs No Escort” won second place in Swift Industies‘ “Tough and Tender” competition, which asked for 500 words focused on women and biking. If you followed Team Which Way is East this past summer, then you know that I had to send my 500 words in. I’m so glad I did. Swift Industries sent me these flashy, waterproof, roll top panniers as a prize. 

panniersIt’s always exciting to see my words in print, but I especially love this publication because Bicycle Times also printed the photograph I submitted alongside my essay. The shot’s a self-timed snap of Quillah and I at the New Hampshire state border. This sign marked the final leg of our 1,200 mile trip. It was bitter sweet and I love reliving that moment in print.


The weather and Bicycle Times inspired me to sign up again for 30 Days of Biking, a pledge to ride your bike every day of the month of April. Last year April was pretty cold and unforgiving, but after a few pedals, I always found some bliss. Plus 30 Days of Biking tipped me off to the “Tough and Tender” competition, so if that doesn’t make for a beautiful, bicycle love circle, then I quit.