Exciting news to share this week: First, I graduated! The ceremony took place in the National Historic Landmark of the Auditorium Theater. There was a live orchestra that played pomp and circumstance and since the acoustics of Adler and Sullivan’s theater are nearly perfect, the sound swelled my mortar board from all sides. It was beautiful.


Although life as an MFA student must come to an end, I haven’t much time to sit on my haunches and wonder why I pursued a graduate degree in the arts. Ghost Ocean Magazine–a fantastic online venue for your visceral poetry and flash prose–asked me to join their editorial team as Reviews Editor.

I’m thrilled to take on this new role. Reviewing is a great way to stay current in the arts and practice close reading outside the classroom. I enjoy coming across both readers and writers I might not have met otherwise. I’ve already started working with several reviewers and when I read their critiques, I’m reminded that literature is still a very active and participatory sport. Life does continue after graduate school! 

if you’re interested in reviewing for Ghost Ocean, reach out to me via tovah@ghostoceanmagazine.com.